Kyrgyzstan is a place where most people would like to visit.

I am working as a tour guide for 3 years in Kyrgyzstan. I would like to write about Kyrgyzstan and share my experience and inspiration about Kyrgyzstan.

Where is Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia and Bishkek is the capital of Country. Kyrgyzstan has borders with Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

My experience as a travel guide with tourists from different countries.

When I started work as a guide and travel around Kyrgyzstan I saw different regions and saw how people live in regions and so beautiful nature.

Things that I like in Kyrgyzstan:

It is hospitality.

As far I know, for me when I travel I take attention to people that live there and their attitude to you. In Kyrgyzstan, our culture of hospitality is very important and you can see when you travel around Kyrgyzstan. Most of the people are simple and always glad to help. Once with tourists, we stopped in one yurt, where we saw few children playing and their parents that prepared typical Kyrgyz dish with meat and when we stopped children were really happy to see tourists and parents start to invite to the yurt to give us tea. We entered a yurt and they gave us soured cream and fried dough with fermented mare’s milk and they asked some questions about tourists like where they are from? Do they like traveling around Kyrgyzstan. After leaving yurt tourist and I had a big impression of how these people were nice and like to see us. This is not only one story. There are also a lot of different stories.

Organic food

When you come to Kyrgyzstan. The majority lives in villages and have own garden where they grow vegetable and fruits and most of the tourists have a chance to visit local houses and eat a traditional meal in local houses and mostly they give the meal that was made from vegetables that were grown in their garden and taste of vegetables is so delicious. In addition, in Kyrgyzstan, we have one of the most beautiful lakes that are Sary – Chelek where you can find apple trees that were originated there and also in forest Arslanbob you can find originated walnuts.

Beautiful nature

You can see different videos and also pictures nature of Kyrgyzstan. There are amazing mountains that hav

e good trekking trails for trekkers, canyons, lakes. While traveling around Kyrgyzstan you can see different landscapes at different altitudes. Different flowers on different altitude. And mountains are different in every season. For example, in summer it is green, in winter it is snowy, in autumn it is red and in springtime a lot of flowers.

How Kyrgyz people look like and what language they speak?

People speak in Kyrgyz and Russian language, the face of locals is a mixture of Mongolian and Chinese. Some of the tourists can not differentiate Kyrgyz face from other nationalities because some of the Kyrgyz people look like Korean, some like Mongolian. It is so different.

What time to come to Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is different on different months. For example if you would like to visit Sary - Chelek lake and see more than 100 types of flower it is good to come in spring time (March-May). From June-August it will be nice weather to visit most of mountains and also everything will be green. On bazars will be fresh vegetables and fruits. In autumn is nice to see different colors as red and yellow around you and also you will see a lot of cattle on the road because all of them come down from mountains to villages. In winter it is good for skiing especially this winter because we have a lot of snow this year.

Kyrgyzstan is a small country but a lot to discover. Come here to find new places and open for yourself a new country.

Photos by Barbara Bieger

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