5 places must visit in Kyrgyzstan

Hello travelers,

I hope you are doing well during Coronavirus. I would like to share 5 places that I like to visit Kyrgyzstan and why I like to visit there. Most places are gorges because Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country.

Reading my post I think most of you think where is Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyzstan is in Central Asia and has borders with Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

1) Ala-Archa National Park I love to go to Ala-Archa National Park because it is not far from the capital. Beautiful gorges that you can see just in 30 km from Bishkek. While traveling with tourists from different countries I always hear. Wow, it is so beautiful place and I agree with them because you can walk around and hear sounds of water from a river, big trees around you, feel the smell of a juniper tree and do trekking there. Just imagine you can hike up there to more than 1000 m. oversee level and after reaching a destination, you are so proud of yourself. 2) Skazka Canyon Yes, it is different from Grand Canyon. However, while my traveling most of the tourists that like take good pictures they fall in love with a canyon. It is because you can see their different colors on a canyon. It is something that is different from other places. 3) Sary - Chelek lake Sary – Chelek is far from the capital, however, I am always like to go there. The best season to go there is spring because according to locals you can see more than 100 types of flowers and do trekking there around 7 lakes. And after trekking takes some nuts than originally was grown there and apples as well. 4) Burana Tower It is not a gorge and it is not so beautiful place. However, I like to feel history by visiting. Burana Tower is a tower in an abandoned town that relates to the 9-11 century, where people lived before. When I imagine that for the tower it is almost 1000 years I am really shocked. How tower that is 1000 years old is still existing. Design and style of Burana Tower that you can see also amazing. When you see so beautiful pattern that was made 1000 years ago without using any technology. In the museum of the Burana Tower complex, I like to see most of the clothes that was found after excavation. Most of the belongings related to the Silk Road time. 5) Bishkek city Of course, I like the city where I live. Interesting that you can find in Bishkek city center is Soviet architecture that you can see while walking around. You can try local drink shoro in the summer season and taste will be so strange to you. Visit Osh Bazar and try dried fruits and nuts. And one tip from the local guide you can visit a local beauty salon because Kyrgyz people are good in it and it is not so expensive than in Europe. I wish you to stay safe and stay home and after all this situation starts coming back to your working days. Some photos were taken by Bhaskar Maitra and Barbara Bieger.

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