Honeymoon tour


You are going to spend 6 amazing days in Kyrgyzstan and know new culture and beautiful places with your couple. This tour that you are going to have will be in your memory for your whole life. 


  • Ala-Archa Walking tour

  • Cooking master Show

  • Kyrgyz Food Tour

  • Petroglyph museum

  • Burana Tower

  • Ruh-Ordo

  • Dungan Mosque

  • Orthodox Church

  • Eagle hunting show

  • Son-Kul lake


Day 1

Ala-Archa National Park and cooking master show in local house (35 km from Bishkek, 45 minutes - 1 hour)

Kyrgyzstan is famous for mountains. Just 50 minutes from Bishkek we have beautiful National Park - "Ala-Archa" Enjoy views of the Ala-Archa that is 30 km from Bishkek, where you will see glaciers on the top of mountains. By the way to National Park, you can also see the life of people that live in a city and in a village. After arrival at National Park Ala-Archa, you are going to forget the noisy city and relax in a piece. After 1 hour walking in Ala- Archa we are going to drive to the village and visit one family that lives in a village. The family will prepare for you lunch, however before you are going to see the way of cooking of traditional dish with explanation and learn how to cook Kyrgyz traditional food. Maybe after coming back to your homeland, you will cook traditional Kyrgyz food to your friends. Local families will also glad to make excursion to their farm and garden. Come back to your hotel with a good memory.

Day 2

Bishkek – Cholpon-Ata (263 km, 4.5-5 hours of driving)

After breakfast drive to Cholpon – Ata. On the way visit Burana Tower (the main historical complex from 11 centuries on the Silk-Road). While driving to Issyk-Kul lake you are going to pass boom gorge. Have lunch en route in buffet and drive to have felt carpet show. (supplementary). After excursion around museum drive to Resort to take a rest and there is a possibility to swim (in July and august temperature of the water is good for swimming)

Day 3

Cholpon-Ata – Karakol ( 144 km  2 -2.5 hours of driving )

After breakfast drive to Karakol. On the way visit Ruh-Ordo (open-air museum in Cholpon-Ata). Have a lunch in Cholpon – Ata and drive to Karakol. Have a city tour in Karakol and visit the museum of antiquarian belongings, orthodox museum, and Dungan mosque. After the city tour has a rest in Guesthouse. And in the evening we have dinner in the Dungan family. This minority group came to Kyrgyzstan after conflict in China and have been living in Karakol since the 19th century.

Day 4

Karakol – South shore of Issyk-Kul lake (150 km 2 -2.5 hours of driving)

Today we are going to take a rest in south shore of Issyk-Kul lake. After breakfast, we will leave Karakol and drive to the Jeti-Oguz Gorge. It is a lush, picturesque valley with some striking red sandstone rock formations, including the “Seven Bulls”. It is located 28 kilometers west of the city of Karakol along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul. The name "Jeti-Oguz" (translated as " bulls") came from a chain of weathered red rocks, similar to bulls lying on the ground, and became a visiting card of the gorge. The local point of interest is the rock "Broken Heart", near which you can always make incredibly beautiful photos.

For 25 km on both sides of the gorge, there are blue spruce trees that are included in the red book of Kyrgyzstan. In the gorge at an altitude of 2200 m, there is a resort Jeti-Oguz, known for its healing geothermal springs. You will spend there enough time to explore the area, to walk in the forest and have lunch in a local house. By your wish, there is a possibility to hike up to the waterfall. After we are going to visit Skazka (“Fairy Tale”) Canyon. The canyon, the beauty in the south of Issyk-Kul lake, was named after its bizarre rocky landscape, which for many years has been transformed by wind into various sculptures and formations. Some structures have been named for their similarity to the well-known objects and places. For example, one set of ridges in the canyon is called the "The Chinese Wall" due to its similarity to the Great Wall of China. Visitors can also find what appears to be the statues of hippopotamus, snakes, dragons, sleeping giants and even whole castles. Not only do the rocks have different shapes, but also various colors.

Overnight in yurts on south shore of Issyk-Kul lake.

Day 5

South shore of Issyk-Kul lake - Son-Kul  (290 km, 4,5-5 hours of driving)

Today we are going to Son-Kul. En route, we will have lunch in Kochkor and drive to Son-Kul. Son-Kul is a mountain lake in the central Tian Shan, virtually in the center of Kyrgyzstan. The name translated from Kyrgyz as -the last lake. Son Kul lies at an altitude of 3016m above sea level. Son Kul is Kyrgyzstan's second-largest lake. The average temperature is only -3,5C. in summer +11C. In the summer Son Kul is still relatively chilly because of the high altitude, with temperatures averaging only 11C and dipping below freezing at night. there is no electricity and running water up at the jailoo, this makes Son-Kul a prime destination for those wanting to live like a nomad for a couple of days. Yurts are filled with thick mattresses and blankets, and there are outdoor toilets not far from yurt camps.there are yurt camps that are specifically organized for visitors and there are also the yurts of local shepherds who live at Son Kul.

Overnight in yurt.

Day 6

Son-Kul - Bishkek ( 410 km, 5-6 hours of driving)

Today we are going to drive to Bishkek. Have lunch on the way and drive to Bishkek.


Fee for tour (per person)

2   pax - $704

What's included


Accommodation on local houses for 4 days on half twin

Meals (6 lunches, 5 dinners)

Fee for tour (per person)

2   pax - $1013

What's included




Accommodation for 4 days on half twin

Meals (6 lunches, 5 dinners)

Pick-up details/transfers

This tour will start after going out of Hotel
This tour will finish in Bishkek. 

Transfers from Airport can be provided for an extra charge.


Extra service for couple (extra fee):

Dinner near to the beach of Yssyk-Kul lake - $200

Dinner near to the beach will be an amazing time for a couple after the marriage.

Private balloon flight - $60