• Almaty

  • Charyn Canyon

  • Kolsay

  • Barskoon gorge

  • Skazka canyon

  • Chon Kemin

  • Burana


Day 1 

Almaty – Almaty Airport

Arrival to Almaty Airport. Warm meeting in Almaty Airport. Transfer to city and start city tour.

You will start the tour with a visiting of  one of the oldest of Almaty parks - Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, where one of the most beautiful wooden building in the world - Zenkov Cathedral is located. In the park you will also see the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame, listen to the stories of the guide and admire the beauty of the Museum of Musical Instruments.

Next point of interest is a popular place for townspeople - the Green Bazaar, where it is impossible to refrain from shopping. It is the great chance to experience an atmosphere of the real eastern market, its colors, smells and crowds. There you can obtain famous oriental sweets, dried fruits, buy local products and souvenirs, but don't forget to bargain. In the market they accept cash in tenge (local currency), so it would be good to have some with you or there is an exchange point just nearby to the market area. Dinner in restaurant and overnight in Hotel.

Day 2 



08:00. Breakfast in the guest house

09:00. Departure to Saty (302 km)

13:00. Arrive to Saty and have a lunch in Saty.

14:00. Drive to Kaindy lake (20 km)

15:00. Arrive to Kaindy lake. Have a short walking.

16:00. Drive back to Kolsai lake.

17:00. Come to Kolsai lake and have a walking and free time.

19:00. Come to guest house to have a dinner and overnight. 

Kayindy lake-  Lake Kaindy is located in the south of Kazakhstan, within Kolsai Lakes National Park. It is located 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) above sea level, 130 kilometres (81 mi) east of Almaty. The lake was formed as the result of a major limestone landslide triggered by the earthquake forming a natural dam. It blocked the gorge and was filled by mountain river water. Lake Kaindy is about 400 meters long, reaching depths of nearly 30 meters at its deepest point. Altered by limestone deposits, the water maintains a bluish-green color.

Kolsai lake - Kolsay Lakes National Park (Kazakh: Көлсай көлдері ұлттық паркі, Qólsaı kólderi ulttyq parki) is located on the north slope of the Tian Shan Mountains, southeast Kazakhstan (10 km from the border with Kyrgyzstan). Often referred to as "Pearls of Tien Shan", the park's main feature are the Kolsay Lakes located between the Raiymbek District and Talgar District of Almaty Region. The scenic Lake Kaindy is also within the park


Day 3 


Charyn canyon - Kazakstan border/Kyrgyzstan border – Karakol

08:00. Breakfast in the guest house

09:00. Drive to Charyn Canyon. (200 km, 2 h. of driving)

11:00. 1 hour walking in Charyn Canyon.

12:00. Have a lunch there.

13:00. Come back to car

14:00. Drive Karakol (212 km.4-5 h. of driving)

19:00. Arrive to Karakol and have a rest and overnight in guest house .


Charyn Canyon is a canyon on the Sharyn River in Kazakhstan. The canyon is roughly 90 kilometres in length. It is part of the Charyn National Park, and is located within the territory of the Uygur District, Raiymbek District and Enbekshikazakh District

Karakol –Djety -Oguz- South shore of Issyk-Kul lake

07:30. Breakfast in the hotel.

08:00. Departure to Barskoon mountain gorge (100 km).

10:00. Stop inside mountain gorge

11:00. Departure to «Skazka Canyon» (40 km)

12:00. Walking around Skazka Canyon.

12:40. Drive to have a lunch on the way.

13:30. Have a lunch

15:00. Have a free time (place where you are going to overnight will be near to lake) You can take a rest and enjoy view of lake.

19:00 Dinner and overnight in a yurt.

Day 4


Barskoon gorge is located on the southern shore of Lake Issyk Kul, 80 km far from Karakol. The length of the valley is about 30 km. At the beginning of the gorge grow rare shrubs and steppe grasses. On both slopes of the canyon rise huge Tien-Shan spruce trees. Above 2800 m grow juniper groves.


Skazka (“Fairy Tale”) Canyon. The canyon, the beauty in the south of Issyk-Kul lake, was named after its bizarre rocky landscape, which for many years has been transformed by wind into various sculptures and formations. Some structures have been named for their similarity to the well-known objects and places. For example, one set of ridges in the canyon is called the "The Chinese Wall" due to its similarity to the Great Wall of China. Visitors can also find what appears to be the statues of hippopotamus, snakes, dragons, sleeping giants and even whole castles. Not only do the rocks have different shapes, but also various colors.

Overnight in yurts on south shore of Issyk-Kul lake. (You are going to share yurt.)


South shore of Issyk-Kul lake – Kochkor - Son-Kul lake


08:00. Breakfast in the yurt.

10:00. Drive to have an eagle hunting show (40km)

10:30. Have an eagle hunting show

11:30. Drive to Kochkor (122 km)

12:30. Arrive to Kochkor and have a lunch.

13:30. Drive to Song-Kul lake (136 km)

16:30. Arrive to Song-Kul lake and take a rest

19:00. Dinner and overnight in yurts

Day 5


Son-Kul lake

Son-Kul is a mountain lake in the central Tian Shan, virtually in the center of Kyrgyzstan. The name translates from Kyrgyz as “the last lake”.

Son-Kul lies at an altitude of 3016 m (9895 feet) above sea level. At 29 km (18 miles) long and 18 km (11 miles) wide, and maximum depth of 13.2 m (43 feet), Son-Kul is Kyrgyzstan’s second largest lake. The average temperature is only -3.5° C (26° F), though in summer the average temperature is 11° C (52° F). In winter, temperatures fall as low as -20° C (-4° F), and there are around 200 days of snow a year. This means that in winter, it is often impossible to reach the lake. Unlike Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul freezes in the winter, and remains frozen from September to June

Day 6

Son-Kul – Chon -Kemin

08:00. Breakfast in the yurt

09:00. Departure to Kochkor to see felt carpet show. (136 km)

12:00. Have felt carpet show

13:30. Have a lunch in Kochkor

15:00. Drive to Chon-Kemin (97 km)

16:30. Arrive to Chon-Kemin and have a rest.

19:00. Have a dinner overnight in Chon-Kemin guest house


Felt carpet show: The Kyrgyz began using the felt for weaving of carpets and other things as far back as the antiquity. The development and perfection of every kind of Kyrgyz carpet art were affected by different factors, such as: conditions of life, climate, natural environment and social factor.

Day 7

Chon-Kemin - Kegety

08:00. Breakfast in the guest house

09:00. Departure to Burana Tower (14 km)

09:40. Waking around Burana Tower

10:40. Departure to Kegety (30 km)

11:40. Arrival to Kegety gorge to see waterfall.

12:40. Drive to guest house

13:20. Lunch in guest house

15:00-19:00. This place is beautiful gorge and you will have free time to enjoy beauty. Some people who would like to do trekking. They can do trekking to Kol-Tor lake and hike up to 1000 m higher.

19:30. Dinner and overnight


Burana Tower Dubbed a minaret, now it is more probably a watchtower. Built by the Karakhanids (“black Huns”) in the 9th century, it once stood 44m high but an earthquake reduced it to its current 25m. The tower is all that remains of Balasagun, which, at least according to Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads, was once believed to be the center of the world. Next to Burana Tower, we are going to find balbals that are gravestones, that was collected from some parts of Kyrgyzstan. And you are also welcome to the museum where you can see excavations that were found in area of Balasagun.

Day 8


 Kegety gorge - Bishkek (84 km 1.5 hour of driving)

08:00. Breakfast in the guest house

09:00. Departure to Bishkek

10:30. Arrival to Bishkek and have short city tour.

13:00. Lunch

14:00. Drive to Ala-Archa National Park

15:00. Have a walking around Ala- Archa National Park.

17:00. Come back to Bishkek and have a rest.

19:00 Have a dinner and overnight.


Bishkek-Manas Airport

Departure to Manas airport

Fee for tour (per person)

8   pax - $925

7   pax - $982

6   pax - $1059

5   pax - $1164

4   pax - $1201

3   pax - $1425

2   pax - $1683

1   pax - $3023

What's included


English speaking guide

Accommodation for 6 days in local houses 3-4* on half twin

Meals ( lunches, dinners)

Pick-up details/transfers

This tour will start after going out of Hotel
This tour will finish in Bishkek. 

Transfers from Airport can be provided for an extra charge.