Ala Archa National Park tour. 1Day




Enjoy this unique natural environment with a day trip to the Ala Archa National Park that is 35 km from Bishkek and breathe the pure mountain air of Kyrgyzstan!



At 9 am we'll pick you up from your hotel in Bishkek. There we'll get into the vehicle and make a journey of approximately one hour to the Ala Archa National Park. On the way, we'll stop at a small village so that you can buy something to eat.

Ala-Archa National park

When we arrive at our destination, we'll get out of the vehicle and take a pleasant half-hour walk to explore the Ala Archa National Park. The beauty of the landscape is sure to leave you speechless!

River in Ala-Archa National park

Once we reach the river, you'll have an hour of free time to enjoy the surroundings at your leisure. The guide will prepare small picnic with snacks and you will enjoy nature with hot tea and sweets.

End of the tour

After this break, we'll return to the vehicle and take you back to your hotel in Bishkek, where we'll arrive at 3 pm

What's included


Private transportation


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