Horse riding tour. 5 days


On this tour, you are going to visit one of the most famous places in Son-Kul and have an unforgettable horse-riding tour.


1 day 

Kochkor - Son - Kul

Today we are going to drive to Son-Kul lake and overnight in the yurt.

2 Day

Son - Kul

Regardless of the south or north coast, we’ll reach 32 serpentines for lunchtime the Teskey-Torpu pass (33 serpentines). Lunch. Further, through the pass, the descent to the waterfall. On foot, we will visit the waterfall. Next, enter the gorge Khan-Salyk. Let us stop in front of very high sheer cliffs, where at high altitude there are deep caves. According to popular legend, in one large cave, the innumerable riches of Kyrgyz bais - khans are hidden. We will tell you a detailed legend about how they delivered their wealth to such a height altitude. Then after 3 km. we get to our guest house. Dinner, overnight.

3 day

Son-Kul - Theshik

After breakfast, we walk on foot to the old graves, where guests can see interesting locations of corridors with stones on the ground around the graves. There are also the only deep drawings on stones made in a special way in Kyrgyzstan: the drawing of moose and geese or ducks. They are executed on a different technology than petroglyphs. The drawings are similar to wood carvings, very deep, with an angle. Such drawings are available only in Altai - the old homeland of the Kyrgyz people.

    Then we sit on horses and climb the mountain slopes to the Zhon-Bulak pass. Lunch on the way. After lunch, we will go down to the Teshik area. You can swim in the river. Dinner, overnight in the house near the highway.

4 day

Theshik - Jerge-Tal 

After breakfast, we will watch the very interesting and beautiful canyons of Bakcetin and Zangi. Dinner. Further along the mountain roads, we reach s. Jerge Tal. We will organize mini-folklore for guests: girls in national clothes with a komuz will perform.

5 day

Jerge - Tal

After breakfast, we will show the processes of manufacturing products from felt - shyrdak. We will also surprise guests with a game on the komuz - the game on the tak-tek komuz will be performed.

6 day

Jerge - Tal - Naryn

In a day you can walk to the city of Naryn. 

Pick-up details/transfers

This tour will start after going out of a guesthouse in Kochkor
This tour will finish in Naryn. 

Transfers from Airport can be provided for an extra charge.

What's included